Jan 25, 2021
Why Church – Thriving In Crisis -1.17.2021
"Why Church - Thriving In Crisis -1.17.2021 (1)".
  • Jan 25, 2021Why Church – Thriving In Crisis -1.17.2021
    Jan 25, 2021
    Why Church – Thriving In Crisis -1.17.2021
    "Why Church - Thriving In Crisis -1.17.2021 (1)".
  • Jan 18, 2021Why Church? Community – 1.10.2021
    Jan 18, 2021
    Why Church? Community – 1.10.2021
    So, why does Church matter? Maybe more to the point, we should ask, why does the local Church matter? What does the local church provide, that is desperately needed by all human beings?
  • Dec 21, 2020Before There Was CHRISTmas – REJECTION
    Dec 21, 2020
    Before There Was CHRISTmas – REJECTION
    Throughout Jesus life and ministry, He was rejected by those He came to save. Even by those who were supposed to looking for the coming Messiah. But, through their rejection of Jesus, they fulfilled yet another Messianic prophecy.
  • Dec 7, 2020Before There Was CHRISTmas – DAVID & JESUS
    Dec 7, 2020
    Before There Was CHRISTmas – DAVID & JESUS
    Next to Jesus, the most mentioned name in the entire Bible, is David. And his connections to Jesus are extensive. So, what makes David so important, and what can we learn about the Messiah, by looking at His connection to King David?
  • Nov 16, 2020Before There Was CHRISTmas – Messiah
    Nov 16, 2020
    Before There Was CHRISTmas – Messiah
    The Bible is filled with "proofs" that it is what it claims to be; the Inspired Word of God. Not because God needs to prove Himself to us, but so that we can be assured that what we read is true. One of those proofs is prophecy and it's fulfillment. When it comes to prophecy, there is no where that it is more impactful than when it comes to the prophecies concerning Jesus.
  • Oct 26, 2020CHOICES – The PARADOX – 10.25.2020
    Oct 26, 2020
    CHOICES – The PARADOX – 10.25.2020
    Series: CHOICES
    When it comes to the doctrine of Eternal Security, most Christians fall into one of two camps. But, if we allow the Bible to speak, we find that it's might not be so much one or the other, as both.
  • Oct 19, 2020CHOICES – Covenant – 10.18.2020
    Oct 19, 2020
    CHOICES – Covenant – 10.18.2020
    Series: CHOICES
    A contract states, I will... if you will. But a Covenant is different. And as we read the Bible, we find numerous Covenants between God and man. So, what does it all mean, and how should it change our lives today?
  • Oct 5, 2020RE-FOCUS – The GREATEST COMMAND – 10.4.2020
    Oct 5, 2020
    RE-FOCUS – The GREATEST COMMAND – 10.4.2020
    Series: RE-FOCUS
    Too often we think of Christianity as being a long list of things we have to do, that things we can't do anymore. But when Jesus was asked what was the most important thing, He boiled it all down to two Commands.
  • Sep 14, 2020RE-FOCUS – The SUPERNATURAL – 9.13.2020
    Sep 14, 2020
    RE-FOCUS – The SUPERNATURAL – 9.13.2020
    Series: RE-FOCUS
    We often hear in Church that we live in a physical world, surrounded by a spiritual realm. But what does that mean, and how should it impact the way we live as Christians? 
  • Sep 8, 2020RE-FOCUS – HOLINESS – 9.6.2020
    Sep 8, 2020
    RE-FOCUS – HOLINESS – 9.6.2020
    Series: RE-FOCUS
    Biblical Holiness is such a difficult concept to grasp. We can't fully comprehend the infinite holiness of God, and we can't understand how we are expected to be holy, as He is holy. But, a deeper dig exposes the truth that, for us, holiness is not performance, but instead about proclamation.