November 24th, 2019

So, yesterday morning, I get up to take Jackson and drop him off for school event… @ 5:20am. And right after we pull out of the driveway, I realize that I have no headlights. Everything else works, but no headlights, so, I turn on my foglamps, and we keep going. Now, where there are street lights, there was plenty of light, but there are a couple of places along our route, that have no streetlights, and it got a little dark. So, as we are driving along, I have to choose between trusting the fact that I know this road, or trusting what I can see from the foglamps. I mean, I drive this stretch of road, numerous times a day, so I know it very well, but what if there is something lying in the road, what if a car is stalled on the side of the road, what if Bigfoot is crossing the road? So, I slowed down, and trusted in what the foglamps illuminated ahead of me. But, I also must admit, I really wanted to go faster. I had places to go, I had things to do. In fact, I kept playing with the headlight switch, juuuust in case it started working suddenly. (I know, I’m impatient). I tried flipping on my brights (btw, bad idea because it turns off the foglamps!) but nothing worked, and I had to make the decision to slow down. But, that got me to thinking, about how we are in life. We are sure we know what is ahead, we are sure we “know the road” we are on, and we are in a hurry to “get where we are going”, so instead of trusting in what is illuminated in front of us, we barrel into the dark. Now, you may be wondering what in the world this has to do with anything; but here it is. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world”, and while He is muuuch brighter than my headlights, but they make a great illustration. Sometimes, He gives us the highbeams, we can see way down the road we are travelling, we pick up speed, because it is clear where we are going. Sometimes, He is more like low beams, clearly showing us the road ahead, but just not as far. And other times, it is more like foglamps. Just showing what is right in front of us. The trick on our part, is learning to trust what He is allowing us to see. In those “highbeam” times, we are clipping along, life is rolling and we are making good time, but in those “foglamp” times, we need to slow down, and trust where He is leading us. I have said it time and time again, God only wants for you, what you would want for yourself, if you knew everything He knows, and it is from that perspective that we need to look at live, and follow His leading. When we are going through dark, and murky times, the best choice is to trust where God is leading, and focus on what is right in front of us, what He illuminates. The Bible tells us that His Word is a light to our path, a lamp to our feet, and He will guide us, if we will follow.