April 26, 2020

Back in my sales and management days, we used to have a phrase we used when dealing with promotions. It was being “promoted to the next level of incompetence.” Now, I know that may sound harsh, or mean, but it really isn’t. It is just the reality of the situation. Someone may be a great salesperson, but when they get promoted to the position of sales management, there are things they don’t know. And they shouldn’t be expected to, therefore, they have been promoted to the next level of incompetence. And it isn’t just in sales, anytime someone moves up, gets a promotion, or takes on more duties and responsibilities, we expect there to be some growing pains. Don’t we? If we are the person receiving the promotion, we expect, or hope, for a grace period. A time in which those who promoted us will not only invest in training us, but also have understanding that we are learning as we go.
So, why don’t we understand that when it comes to our faith? Why is it that we don’t move forward in our faith, until we know everything? Until we are sure how it will turn out? Until we are sure we can handle it? Why can’t we embrace this concept of simply moving to the next level of incompetence? Because the truth remains that if we aren’t moving forward into areas in which we are incompetent to begin with, we aren’t moving forward at all! God didn’t call us to sit in a safe space. He didn’t call us to rest on a couple of spiritual successes, or to never attempt things we haven’t done before. He called us to step out in faith, day in and day out. He called us to go places that we haven’t been before, and to do things we haven’t done before. He has called us to daily step up to the next level of incompetence! And then, when we get our feet under us, and we begin to get comfortable in that arena, He wants us to step up again! It is the only way we will ever grow n our faith. God wants us to be dependent on Him. On His guidance, on His power, and on His mercy. He knows we will make mistakes as we grow. He knows there are some things we won’t be as good at. He knows there will be times when we feel uncomfortable. But, I don’t think Peter was all that comfortable that night he stepped out of the boat and onto the water. And although we often focus on his sinking, the truth is that outside of Jesus, he still owns the world water walking record!
So, what next level of incompetence is God calling you to? Where is He calling you to step up, and step out in faith?