April 12, 2020

We have all watched a beautiful sunrise. As the suns rays begin to pierce the darkness, changing the color of the sky. Not only is it a beautiful thing to watch, it brings with it a sense of hope. But, have you ever stopped to consider that the reason it is so beautiful, is because of the darkness? If it weren’t for the contrast of the darkness, the sunrise wouldn’t be as awe inspiring. This morning, as I am getting ready for our “Digital Sunrise Service” I find myself looking towards the horizon, waiting for the sun to rise, for the light to pierce the darkness, for the hope of the new day. In a lot of ways, it is like the disciples and followers of Jesus on that first Resurrection Sunday. The difference is that while I know the sun will rise, and I am waiting for it, they weren’t that convinced. The old saying is that it is always darkest before the dawn, and I have to believe that to the followers of Jesus, they were in the darkest place they had ever been. Everything they had hoped for, was gone. And although Jesus had said that He would rise again, I wonder how many of them were looking for that moment. And it is in contrast to  that darkness, that depression and despair that the Son rise is all the more glorious! We often read the words of the angels on Resurrection Sunday, He is not here, He is risen, and they bring us joy, but can you imagine for a moment the overwhelming joy they brought to the disciples? Can you imagine the overwhelming sense of peace, of emotion that each of them felt as they saw Jesus again for the first time? As they realized He’s alive!?! Take a moment today to let that sink in.
This morning, I find myself looking to the horizon, waiting for the sun to begin its ascent into the sky. Waiting for those first rays of light to pierce the darkness, and for the light of the sun to begin to change the color of the sky, and wake up a sleeping creation.
But what I know is that while the sun rise is an amazing thing to behold, it can’t hold a candle to the truth we celebrate today, The Son’s Rise! Resurrection Sunday is my favorite day of the year, because it is the day that Christians all over the world celebrate the event that changed the world. The day that the Light of the world pierced the darkness for all eternity, proving forever more that there is NOTHING that can separate us for the love of God which is in Jesus!